Doris Rips Jenelle Apart in Newly-Acquired Court Documents

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Jenelle Is in deep water

Although sometimes things in the Teen Mom world are just rumors and drama, sometimes debates get serious. You know that something is really amping up in feuds when the law gets involved.

When Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, accused Jenelle of having smoked weed during Ensley’s pregnancy as well as being neglectful of her children, she didn’t go to a gossip website… She went to court. With the intentions of regaining custody of Kaiser from Jenelle, Doris accused her son’s ex of criminal acts, including demanding that Jenelle go through a court-ordered drug test. This comes as a result of Doris’s accusation that Jenelle used drugs during her pregnancy.

Now, the court documents between Doris and Jenelle have come out in their entirety, and all of their accusations are out in the public eye. If half of what these documents say is true, Jenelle Evans is in some serious trouble.

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