Jenelle Evans ADMITS She Was on Drugs While Pregnant With Ensley!

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She's owning up to it!

Jenelle Evans’ substance abuse through her motherhood has been a well-documented affliction. She’s spent her time on the business end of the criminal justice system as a result, but she’s also often vocalized it on Teen Mom 2. She’s known for some famous lines, like yelling “I like to smoke about this time of the day, and all this s**t is keeping me to where I can’t go do it!” at her mother!

She has since kicked the habit — at least, publicly. However, many fans have speculated that Jenelle’s long bathroom breaks may be accompanied by a bong. Jenelle is free to choose what to do with her own life, but when it appeared this would affect her children, fans became enraged.

Jenelle gave birth to her daughter Ensley a year ago, and numerous people in her life have leveled serious accusations against her. Loudest among them was Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris, who accused Jenelle of being high on marijuana when she gave birth to Ensley. Doris’s claims, and her attempt to grab custody of her grandson Kaiser, were eventually dismissed, but the rumors remained.

Now, the moment that no one dreamed of is here. Jenelle is admitting to her drug use. She’s just dropped the bombshell that no one expected: she was high on THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, when she gave birth to Ensley!

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219