Getting the Axe! Is Jenelle at Risk of Being Fired After Transphobic Update?

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Is she on the chopping block?

It’s not uncommon for people with celebrity status to mess up now and then. Many stars have shared offensive jokes or beliefs that just don’t sit right with fans. However, after getting into hot water and being criticized, many celebrities choose to speak out and apologize for their mistakes. They take the criticism and learn from it in order to improve.

Apparently, that is not the gameplan for Jenelle Evans.

After being blasted for sharing bigoted and judgemental opinions, Jenelle didn’t take it in stride. In fact, she didn’t even ignore it. It seems that the only thing fans accomplished by pointing out her mistakes is to make her even more outspoken about her views that many find offensive!

Now, Jenelle is coming under fire for her recent update. Is she about to be on MTV’s chopping block for this update?

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Source: MTV