Jenelle Blamed for Ruining David’s Family!

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Is it all Jenelle's fault?

If Teen Mom has taught us anything over the years, it’s that things aren’t always what they seem. Often times the cast members will post adorable pictures to their social media accounts, but when an episode reveals what happened behind the scenes of that picture, it tells a completely different story.

Jenelle Evans has gotten caught for this numerous times since the show has been on the air. Recently, her save-the-date shoot with David Eason was put under fire after an episode aired, revealing that the photo used was taken while Kaiser threw a tantrum and begged to be fed off camera. Now, the reality star’s seemingly picture-perfect life is being put under the microscope yet again.

After marrying David Eason, Jenelle became the stepmother of David’s two children: Kaden and Maryssa. Although David doesn’t have custody of Kaden, he does raise Maryssa, meaning his new wife plays an active role in her step-daughter’s life. The two seem to get along judging from their social media appearances, but is the Teen Mom putting on a front once again?

David’s sister, Jessica, seems to think so. Now she’s calling out her sister-in-law for manipulating Maryssa and her family, and even pulling them apart.

jenelle and david

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