Jenelle and David Storm Off the Set of Explosive ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion!

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It all went down!

Jenelle Evans has dated some seriously controversial people in her past. From boyfriends like Kieffer who enabled her drug use to those like Courtland whom Jenelle accused of physically abusing her, not all of her exes have exactly been winners. But her husband, David Eason, may be the most controversial person that she’s been involved with to date.

Although Jenelle defends David as the best man she’s ever been with, co-stars like her mother Barbara, her ex Nathan, Dr. Drew, and even many fans have accused David of being overly controlling and explosive with his wife. Did David prove exactly that during the reunion special of Teen Mom 2?

The reunion took a turn for the worse when Dr. Drew brought up child abuse accusations against the Easons. His words frustrated the couple so much that they stormed off the set, stopped filming, and refused to return for the rest of the episode!

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Credit: MTV