Javi’s Relationship Ruined Over Fling With Briana DeJesus?

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Did playful flirting become real?

When it comes to infamous Teen Mom breakups, most of them have to do with cheating. Whether the cheating was actually true or just rumors, what starts out small soon blows up into large-scale scandals that can shock the entire fanbase. So when rumors of cheating start up, sometimes it can mean the beginning of the end for even the most steadfast of Teen Mom couples.

Javi Marroquin has been with his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, for only a month or two now, but it seems like they might already be running into this problem. With rumors of Javi and Briana flirting and spending time together, if the rumors are true — or even if they’re not — it could spell disaster for these two lovebirds.

javi and lauren

Source: Instagram @javim9