Proof That Javi Wants to Date Briana

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The flirting Continues

Sometimes it seems that each of the Teen Mom cast members have their own specific circles and the circles never overlap. They tend to stay in the same circles as their exes, children, and family. So when their circles do mix, it can be a little shocking. Lately, it seems that Kailyn Lowry’s ex, Javi, will do anything to make sure that he makes his way into Briana’s circle.

Javi and Briana have a long and strange history of flirting and almost flirting. Even though they’ve teased about it over the past few months since Briana was made a new cast member, sometimes it doesn’t feel quite so much like teasing. Now it seems that Javi might want to get more involved with Briana than it first seemed. And his girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, might not be too happy.

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Credit: MTV