OMG! Newly Single Javi Confirms Romance With Briana

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Is Javi-Ana coming?

It’s not uncommon for the Teen Mom fanbase to be filled with rumors of the stars hooking up or even getting into relationships with one another. Many times, the rumors prove to be just that: rumors. Other times, it seems like there might be something below the surface.

When it comes to Javi and Briana, the rumors have been going on for so long that fans are beginning to think there might just be something to them. It doesn’t help that Briana and Javi have fueled the rumors on their social media pages, despite Javi’s relationship with Lauren.

Well, it’s time for the confusion to finally end. Instead of only holding on to rumors, fans of the so-called “Javi-Ana” will be excited to know that Javi has opened up about what he thinks of Briana, and it seems there was something to the rumors after all.

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Source: Instagram @_brianadejesus/MTV