Are Javi and Briana Having a Baby Together?!

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Kailyn will LOVE this one!

A year ago, the thought of Kailyn’s ex husband Javi Marroquin dating Briana DeJesus was absolutely crazy. Now, it’s the confirmed reality! Not only that, but the Teen Mom couple is sharing all of the inner workings of their relationship on social media ― to the point that many would say they’re oversharing. Still, no one expected Briana to drop this bombshell.

Considering the fact that all of the girls are famous for having unexpected pregnancies while they were teenagers, it isn’t surprising that many of them do anything they can to avoid another accidental pregnancy. Even though Briana and Javi have only been together for a short time, is another Teen Mom baby already on the table?

javi and briana

Source: Instagram @javim9