Javi and Briana Make On-Screen Debut as a Couple!

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Too Cute!

When you’re a reality television star, nothing is true until it’s happened on camera. Fans have been burned numerous times in the past believing rumors only to have the stars deny it altogether. But once the rumor is confirmed on television, it’s pretty hard to deny it.

When Javi and Briana first started spending more and more time together, many fans thought there might be something else going on between the two Teen Mom 2 stars. At the time, many thought Javi and Kailyn might be able to patch up their relationship, so many thought that Javi and Briana were just friends. Well, they soon proved us wrong!

It took them ages to finally confirm that they were dating, but once they did, it seriously shook things up in the Teen Mom world. Needless to say, Kailyn was far from happy that Javi had moved on from her with one of her own coworkers.

Well, considering that it’s finally happening on television, Kailyn better find some way to cope! It looks like Javi and Briana are the real deal!

javi and briana

Source: Instagram @javim9