Tear Jerker: Aleeah Asks Heart Breaking Questions About Ali’s Health Problems

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Leah told her the truth!

Back in 16 and Pregnant‘s prime, when Leah Messer first became pregnant, she was hit with a surprise that many of her co-stars didn’t experience. Leah learned that instead of just one baby, she would be raising two! After going through her pregnancy with twins, she got another surprise. Her daughter Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

As she’s gotten older, Leah has continued to learn how to give Ali the best, healthiest life she can. As we’ve all continued to be concerned about Ali, it’s easy to forget how this would affect her twin sister Aleeah.

Now that the twins are old enough to understand and question the things going on around them, it’s clear that Aleeah has begun to wonder about her sister’s condition. We never expected that she would ask this heartbreaking question about her sister’s health though.

ali and alleah

Source: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv