Briana Reveals Javi’s Freaky Kinks?!

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Too Much Information!!

We all know that Javi Marroquin recently confirmed that he’s seeing someone new — and that you may be familiar with his new girlfriend. After weeks of rumors about flirting, Javi confirmed that he and Briana DeJesus are giving it a shot! Needless to say, Kailyn Lowry is less than happy about the news, but that’s not going to stop these two lovebirds from being together.

As we all know, a lot comes with being in a relationship… and the Teen Mom cast members didn’t get pregnant just by holding hands. That said, it’s not common for them to publicize all of the nitty-gritty details about their relationships. (Well, excluding Farrah Abraham!)

Now, Briana has opened up about her favorite bedroom activities, and she gave a lot of detail…. We mean a lot. Is Javi okay with Briana airing all of the dirty details of their hookups?!

javi and briana

Source: Instagram @javim9