Is Chelsea Houska’s Husband Going to Adopt Her Daughter Aubree?

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Will she have a new dad?

In the course of Teen Mom’s MTV run, we’ve seen some very bad parenting. From dozing off while holding children to losing custody on drug charges, it seems some of the worst parenting of all time have been captured on the show.

But with the bad comes the good, and Teen Mom has also showed some of the best parenting. Whether it’s swooping in to protect children from their significant others or just spending quality time with the little ones, the show is full of moments that will warm anyone’s heart.

Among the better parents is Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer. Together, they make an incredible power team who shower their children, Aubree and Watson, with love. There’s just one thing: Cole isn’t actually Aubree’s father.

Although Cole is Aubree’s step-father, she is still legally the daughter of Chelsea’s ex, Adam Lind. But as Adam spends more and more time behind bars for drug and abuse charges, is it possible that Cole is going to adopt Aubree?

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