A Wanted Man: TM2 Star on the Run from Police!

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He may be in the slammer soon!

When Chelsea Houska first appeared on 16 and Pregnant she was dedicated to her baby daddy Adam Lind. Much like the rest of the cast, Chelsea was determined to make it work with the man who got her pregnant as a teen. And, like the majority of the cast, it didn’t work out so well for them.

At first, Adam didn’t seem to have a problem with filming for Teen Mom, but time has changed him. In fact, he recently quit the show entirely, refusing to film after her claimed MTV was misrepresenting him. We all know that Chelsea has moved on with her husband Cole, but it seems that Adam can’t seem to shake his own past.

Now, after months of criminal charges, Adam Lind is taking on a new status: he’s a wanted man. There’s currently an arrest out for Adam’s arrest, and he may soon be behind bars.

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Credit: MTV