Chelsea Houska Wins in Multiple Court Cases Against Baby Daddy Adam Lind!

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She won!

Ever since Chelsea Houska broke up with Adam Lind, her life has changed for the better. She ended up finding the love of her life, Cole DeBoer, and having another adorable baby with him. Now, she’s focusing on her family as she and Cole raise Aubree and Watson ― all while planning for another baby that could be announced any day now. In the meantime, Adam is still a huge part of Chelsea’s life, even if she doesn’t want him to be.

It’s easy to see how much love Aubree has for “Coley Daddy,” but Adam is still her biological father. Unfortunately, the father and daughter have been drifting apart as Adam battles his addiction. Even so, Aubree still seems to ask about him and want to spend time with him every chance she gets. However, as his addiction and legal problems worsen, Chelsea has decided to try to protect her daughter first and foremost.

Now, Chelsea has won out in two major court cases that she filed against Adam, which means quite a bit in Aubree’s life is going to change.

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Credit: MTV