Kailyn Reveals How She Slimmed Down for Her Incredible Post-Baby Bod

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How did she do it?!

It’s been nearly a decade since the Teen Mom cast members first appeared on 16 and Pregnant which means they’ve changed a huge amount over the years. It’s not just their lifestyles and significant others that have changed, though. Their appearances have also drastically changed! We’ve got to watch the girls grow up, rock some ambitious and questionable hairstyles, and flaunt stunning red-carpet looks. As a result, we know what the girls look like at their best, but we also know how they look at their absolute worst.

Kailyn Lowry admitted last season that she had difficulties finding time to even do her hair and makeup, considering that she was going through her third pregnancy, and didn’t have her baby daddy by her side. Now that Lux has been born and Kailyn is focusing on different career moves, she’s also had time for a serious glow-up. She’s been posting stunning pictures after her recent changes, but there’s something fans have noticed more than just her hair and makeup: Kailyn has also been showing off an incredible post-baby body.

Now she’s explaining how she managed to slim down, and what her plan is from here on out.

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Source: Instagram @Kaillowry