Kailyn Makes Shocking Apology to Her Three Sons

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She's coming clean!

Looking at Kailyn Lowry now, sometimes it’s difficult to believe she’s the same girl who was homeless and living with her boyfriend mere years ago. Kailyn has overcome a huge amount of difficulty and adversity in her life, so now she’s managed to set up a stable situation for herself and her three sons.

Even though Kailyn is dedicated to her children, insisting that she always puts them first, no mother is completely perfect. It’s hard to deny that her sons (her first two, at least) had a rocky upbringing. As Kailyn shifted from relationship to relationship, her children had to adjust to varying lifestyles, which isn’t always easy. After all, we all saw how hard it was for Isaac to understand that Javi wouldn’t be around anymore and that he couldn’t go visit his ex-stepfather as much as he would like.

Rather than keep her indiscretions and missteps hidden, Kailyn is laying them all out. She’s acknowledging everything that went on in her children’s lives and apologizing for it in this tell-all memoir.

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