Has Ryan Already Relapsed on Heroin?!

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Is he in a low place?

Discussing drug addiction is difficult for anyone, especially those who are addicted or who have loved ones struggling with addiction. That might be why Maci was faced with such opposition when she began publicly airing Ryan’s addiction on Teen Mom OG.

For months — despite that fact that Maci was telling the truth — she was subject to attacks from Ryan’s parents and his new wife Mackenzie Standifer, who denied that Ryan had an addiction. It wasn’t until Ryan finally agreed to enter rehab that others began to admit that he had a problem. However, Maci still had an uphill battle ahead of her when it came to attempting to protect her son Bentley from experiencing his father’s addiction.

Ryan left rehab after 21 days, cutting his stay extremely short. Now, fans are worried that Ryan might have a much more difficult time staying clean. It’s admittedly proving to be a fair concern. A new report indicates that the Teen Mom star may have already fallen back into his old ways.

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