Gary Slams Amber for Dating a New Man

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Amber's Taking Heat

By now, everyone knows that Amber Portwood has officially found a new man. She’s been spotted out and about cozying up with her new bae, Andrew Glennon, and she’s even debuted him on her social media. Even though Amber’s fans are over the moon for her, it should go without saying that not everyone is as happy for her. With any new change is going to come a fair share of hate, and for Amber, that hate is coming from all directions.

She’s been getting a lot of criticism on social media for moving on, but now it’s coming from someone who knows her even better: her ex, Gary Shirley. Even though he’s been off of the map for a while now, he spoke up and shared his opinions on Amber’s new relationship. Spoiler: he isn’t on board.

amber portwood and gary shirley

Credit: MTV