Like Mother Like Daughter! Farrah’s Mother Debra Strips Down for the Cameras!

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She's proud of what she's got!

Now that the sons and daughters that the Teen Mom cast had at a young age are grown up, we’re getting to see just how much like parents and their children can be. From Leah’s three daughters sharing her sass to Bentley and Maci sharing a signature levelheaded charm, it’s easy to see how much they all have in common. But the same goes for the cast members’ parents themselves!

She might not want to admit it, but Farrah and her mother Debra have a lot in common. Their similar personalities are probably why they fight so much! Both of them thrive off of attention and hate not getting their way. But that’s not the end of what they have in common – they also both have a penchant for showing some skin!

Farrah is notorious for her dealings in the world of adult entertainment, and now it looks like her mother is following in her footsteps!

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