Runs in the Family? Jenelle Evans’ Future Brother-In-Law Arrested for WHAT?!

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This definitely doesn't make her look any better

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 isn’t the only person in her family getting arrested and thrown into prison; her immediate family is familiar with jail cells, as well as her fiancé David Eason.

Amazingly, Jenelle has been able to remain free of handcuffs for the past few months, which is incredibly unlike her. David has been clean for a while, despite a short jail sentence for hugging his child. But there’s someone else they’re close to that hasn’t been so good, and it could lead them right back into the dark world of criminal activity.

Jenelle and David Plane Snap

Source: Snapchat @pbandjenelley_1

I wonder if Uncle James will be allowed in Jenelle's new house