Dr. Drew Slammed for Sexist Comments Against Jenelle

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Fans are furious!

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 aired last week, but that doesn’t mean the complete end of the season. As is tradition, the girls all flew out to hang out (and fight) in person while filming the reunion special. During the special, all of the girls, their exes, and even members of their family got together to review the biggest moments of the season.

Jenelle Evans is known for having emotional reactions during the reunions, and this season she kept with tradition. The star stormed off the set and refused to film. Shockingly though, it’s not Jenelle fans are criticizing. Instead, they’re coming for reunion host Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew’s job is to tease some serious emotions out of the girl during the reunion special, but did he go too far this time? Many fans are furious about the comments that Dr. Drew made about Jenelle during this season’s reunion.

jenelle upset

Credit: MTV