Did Taylor Secretly Adopt Bentley?

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Is he Bentley's legal father?

When you’re 16, you’re not really mature enough to make permanent life decisions. That’s why 16-year-olds can’t drink, smoke, or technically leave school and get a job. Because the girls of Teen Mom became pregnant at such a young age, they may not have realized they were also making the decision to have a lifelong relationship with the fathers of their children.

Sure, most of the cast aren’t dating their first baby daddies anymore, but they still have to continue co-parenting with them whether they like it or not. Now it looks like Maci may have changed that and cut ties from Ryan Edwards once and for all.

Maci has always been very careful about what elements of her life gets publicly aired and which ones stay secret. However, it looks like she may have let something pretty significant slip. Is it possible that the reason Ryan is almost completely out of Bentley’s life because Taylor is now his legal father?

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