Broken Up Already? Javi and Briana Spend Christmas Apart!

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Is JaviAna no more?!

Every relationship is different, even when you’re a Teen Mom star. Sometimes, people date for years before things start to head downhill. Other times, it only takes a little while to know that you’re just not a match with someone, and you rush to call it off before things get too serious. For Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin, their relationship seemed to be on the fast track since day one, and rumors of pregnancies and even marriage have been egged on by their extremely cozy behavior since day one. Now it looks like things may have come to a screeching halt — and fans of JaviAna may be disappointed that it looks like the relationship might be on the rocks.

For many, Javi and Briana are that one couple that just won’t stop talking about how in love they are. They constantly tweet at one another with their plans, with romantic exclamations, and future plans. So when Christmas rolled around, everyone expected warm wishes and gooey terms of endearment to be public between them. Instead, all we got was total radio silence.

Could this couple be on hold before it even gets serious? Right now, it looks like they might not even make it into the new year.

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Source: Instagram @javim9