Did Javi Marroquin LIE About Going to War?!

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Is it all made up?!

With how badly things ended between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, it’s pretty safe to assume that Kailyn wants Javi out of her life. Between rumors of cheating and serious bad blood, Kailyn probably wishes that Javi would fall out of the limelight or at least mellow out like her first baby daddy Jo.

However, recently Javi headed off in the opposite direction. It seems like he is the center of even more drama and attention than ever now that he’s dating Briana DeJesus. Just how far would Javi go to stay relevant though?

Even though many think that Javi schemed to date Briana just to stir the pot and get more Teen Mom airtime, this recent accusation is much more serious. In fact, one of his own co-stars is accusing him of lying about going to war just for a storyline!

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Credit: MTV