David’s Sister Spills the Truth About David and Jenelle Abuse Rumors!

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The truth comes out!

Even Jenelle would have a hard time denying that she has a short temper. It’s true that she tries to hold it together as best as possible on camera, but there’s ample footage of her yelling, screaming, and even hitting people who upset her from over the years. However, even for someone with such an explosive personality, being accused of child abuse can be extremely upsetting if you’re not guilty.

For Jenelle, this is part of her everyday life. She’s been accused of abuse by fans, friends, and family members nearly from the first day she made her Teen Mom 2 debut. These accusations have seriously flared up since she married David Eason, who has a history of domestic violence himself.

Now, someone is stepping up to discuss these abuse rumors who has more insight than nearly anyone else: David’s sister, Jessica! She’s explaining exactly what’s going on between Jenelle, David, and their children.

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219; Twitter @jessicalenn09