Chris Lopez Does Not Seem Happy About Kailyn’s Name for Lux!

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He's firing back!

Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, might not be going exactly how she planned. Even though many fans believe that she wanted to have a long term relationship, it looks like what Kailyn calls his “side hoes” may have thrown a wrench in that. Regardless, the two aren’t together, even though they’re working on co-parenting Lux.

That said, their co-parenting relationship may just have gotten a little bit rockier. Kailyn made a pretty clear statement when she decided to give Lux her last name instead of Chris’, which signaled to many fans that she didn’t expect Chris to be a significant part of her son’s life. Now, Chris is firing back on Instagram about where he stands with his son.

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Credit: WE tv