Is Chris Lopez’s Mom Trying to Take Baby Lo From Kailyn?

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Another Custody Battle

All of the Teen Mom stars have had some amount of frustration with their baby daddies. It’s only natural for them to have difficulties when it comes to finding a common ground to raise their children. But Chris Lopez may just be one of the more scandalous fathers… because he wanted nothing to do with his son.

Soon after Kailyn revealed that Chris was her baby daddy, it became clear that Chris was not going to step up to the plate. He was nowhere to be seen during her pregnancy and multiple sources said that he didn’t even plan on coming to the hospital when Kailyn gave birth. Of course, things turned out for the best. Chris showed up at his son’s birth and has been stepping up as a father.

For anyone who’s been following Kailyn’s pregnancy, it’s surprising enough that Chris has even spent any time with Baby Lo, but the fact that now his mother is pushing for him to gain full custody of his son is even more shocking.

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Source: Twitter @kailynlfans; Snapchat @Chris Lopez