Chris Lopez Throws Shade at Kailyn and Burns Her Book?!

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He's sending strong signals!

Just because Chris Lopez hasn’t shown up on Teen Mom 2 yet doesn’t mean he’s not a part of the circle of Teen Mom stardom. So, he’s probably gained a huge amount of followers on his social media, most of whom are curious about what Kailyn’s third baby daddy is getting up to.

Chris and Kailyn’s relationship has been pretty rocky from the moment Kailyn announced her pregnancy. She made it clear that he didn’t want to film and that he wanted to stay out of the limelight. When you’re the baby daddy of someone with a following as big as Kail’s though, it’s hard to stay anonymous for very long.

Now that their relationship has gotten a bit rockier, Chris seems to be using his social media to throw shade at her… a lot. Fans are speculating about many of his posts, which seem to be calling Kailyn out for her drama.

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Source: Instagram @chris3zero2