How Chelsea Explains Adam’s Hearbreaking Absence to Aubree

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It's a hard topic!

Although almost all of the Teen Mom cast members have moved on from their first baby daddies, they all had to learn an unfortunate lesson — no matter how much you hate them, a baby daddy will be in your life for as long as your child is! Although some of the parents like Kailyn and Jo or Leah and Corey have figured out how to make it work, many of the girls are still feuding with the fathers of their children.

Chelsea and Adam have shared some seriously heated moments on the show, and now Adam’s addictions are taking a hold over his life. Naturally, these issues are bleeding over into his parenting more than ever. Adam’s battle with substance abuse has had serious repercussions — it even landed him in jail!

Of course, Adam’s time behind bars will have more serious effects than just on his permanent record; It also means that Aubree will have her father missing from her life. In a heartbreaking moment, Chelsea opens up with how she explains Adam’s absence to her daughter.

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