Adam Lind Owes Thousands in Child Support

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He's racked up some SERIOUS fees!

This weekend, Chelsea Houska celebrated an extravagant wedding with Cole DeBoer. Though the party came late, the two love birds have been married for one year. Together the two have a son, Watson, and parent Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree.

Cole is as close to perfect as anyone can be, but he isn’t the only man in Chelsea’s life. Whether she likes it or not, her baby daddy Adam Lind will likely be a part of her life until Aubree is 18 years old, at least.

From the beginning of their relationship until now, Adam has faced some hardships that have seriously impacted his ability to co-parent Aubree. He’s gotten into drug use that has turned him into something of a “deadbeat.” Now, things are looking even worse for Adam… Apparently, he hasn’t been paying his child support, so he owes over $9,000 to another baby mama!

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