Catelynn Lowell Heads Back to Rehab!

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She's trying again!

Many of the Teen Mom cast members have shown just how difficult growing up can be, especially when you throw teenage motherhood into the mix. Having a child at such a young age forces teenagers to grow up and start acting like parents before they’re even done being kids themselves. Needless to say, it can have some serious ramifications down the line, and can make coping and adapting very difficult.

Many of the Teen Mom cast members have struggled to maintain their mental health over the years, and their childhood experiences and teenage pregnancies have likely played a role. For Catelynn Lowell, clinical depression has also played a major role in her mental illness, and despite her attempts to self-medicate with illegal drugs, she’s finally gotten the help she has needed for years. The Teen Mom decided to check into treatment for her suicidal thoughts in November, turning a new leaf and starting a healthier chapter.

Fans were relieved when Catelynn revealed that she was returning home to be with her husband and child, and were happy to hear that she was feeling better. Unfortunately, the star may have checked out a bit too early. She’s now announced that she is heading back into treatment for another stretch, hoping to tackle not only her depression but also her childhood traumas.

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Credit: MTV