Catelynn Lowell Planning for Her Third Pregnancy!

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She's getting ready!

Unlike any of her Teen Mom co-stars, Catelynn Lowell went down a unique path when she first discovered she was pregnant as a teenager. Instead of raising her child on her own, the young mother realized that she wouldn’t be able to provide the lifestyle she wanted for the child. Instead, she and Tyler chose to put up their first daughter for adoption. Although Catelynn and Tyler agree that they would have had an incredibly hard time raising their child at such a young age, their choice to put Carly up for adoption has been a difficult one to swallow over the years.

Now the couple has a three-year-old daughter, Nova, who takes up plenty of their time and attention. The star struggled with severe postpartum depression after giving birth to Nova, but that hasn’t stopped her and Tyler from considering having another baby.

It’s been up in the air whether these two would end up having another baby or not, but now it looks like they’ve made the choice. Catelynn has been making some concrete plans about having her third baby — and she seems to already be getting emotional about the idea!

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