“Her Name Was Dandy”: Maci Bookout Reveals She Had a Heartbreaking Miscarriage

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They lost a daughter

Considering how much Maci Bookout has been through even since the beginning of Teen Mom, it’s incredible how much strength and determination she’s exhibited in every season of the show. Maci has become a favorite among fans who look up to her for her patience, ability to stay level-headed, and her unwavering dedication to her children. That may be why fans were completely blindsided when she revealed a heartbreaking secret that she’s kept in her past.

First and foremost, Maci prides herself as a mother. She currently has three children, Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick, and all of the choices she makes in her life come back to them. However, not many people knew that Maci had another pregnancy until very recently. In this heartbreaking update, she shares the secret about the child that she lost to a miscarriage.

Maci Crying Over Ryan Drugs TMOG

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