Broke as a Joke: Amber’s New Man is Drowning in Debt

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Dead Broke!

When Amber Portwood officially dumped Matt Baier, many members of the Teen Mom fanbase breathed a sigh of relief. Matt wasn’t exactly a crowd favorite; his near 20-year age difference from Amber and controversial personality made him into someone everyone in the fanbase loved to hate. The fact that he had an absurdly long list of baby mamas didn’t help either.

It wasn’t long before Amber moved on to someone new. By her estimation, it was around three months after she finally broke up with Matt. She was spotted smooching on a new man, who was a mystery to the fans before some of his personal details came to the surface. We’ve learned that his name is Andrew Glennon and that he’s much closer to Amber in age.

At first, things looked good for the new couple, but soon, some of Andrew’s dirt began rising to the surface, and this update has us worried that Amber hasn’t really taken that much of a step up.

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Credit: MTV