Bye Javi! Briana DeJesus Spills About Her New “Fine AF” Tinder Bae

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She's moved on!

Just when it seems like things between Javi, Briana, and Kailyn can’t get any messier, they prove us all wrong. Even though Javi and Briana split months ago, more and more details about their relationship are coming out, and they’re not painting anyone in a good light. Still, there are fans who are holding out hope that Javi and Briana will work it out. Unfortunately, as of right now that’s definitely not on the table.

Even if they weren’t in the midst of a nasty feud, it seems like they’re both off of the market! Briana has just spilled details about her “fine AF” Tinder date, and it looks like Javi is the last person on her mind!

briana dejesus

Source: Instagram @_brianadejesus