Bye, Javi! Briana Dejesus Reveals She’s Living With a New Man!

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Girl moves quick!

Things in the Teen Mom-verse move extremely fast, especially when it comes to relationships. Missing even a month of news could mean not knowing that some couples have broken up, gotten together, or gotten pregnant! But when it comes to moving fast, there seems to be an emerging queen who goes by the name of Briana.

The newest Teen Mom 2 star shocked everyone when she announced that she’d moved on from her one night stand baby daddy Luis. It was much more shocking who she moved on with: Javi Marroquin! The two were quickly committed, even discussing getting married and having children despite only dating for a few months.

They’ve since broken up, but Briana is defending her title as queen of moving fast in love. Apparently, she’s already got another man — and he’s already living with her!

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Source: Instagram @_brianadejesus