Briana Brawls With Her Baby Daddy!

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They duked it out!

Briana DeJesus is the newest member of the Teen Mom 2 cast, and she spent her first season doing what most of the girls are used to by now: fighting with her baby daddy. After she and Luis Miguel decided not to opt for adoption for their daughter Stella, Briana discovered that he had been cheating on her since she first learned she was pregnant. It should go without saying that things went downhill for the couple short after that.

For a while, it seemed that Luis was going to be the biggest frustration for Briana this season, but it soon became double trouble when her first baby daddy Devoin came into the picture.

One of the biggest things that the girls and their baby daddies fight about is money, and Briana and Devoin are no different. For them, it got more intense than just bickering — it turned into one of the most explosive fights Teen Mom 2 has ever seen!

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Credit: MTV