‘Teen Mom’ Star Released From Prison

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Free at last!

With the amount of stress that Briana is going through with her second baby daddy, Luis, it’s easy to forget about her first baby daddy. Briana’s first appearance on MTV was after she got pregnant by her then-boyfriend Devoin Austin. The couple had some serious issues after they found out they were expecting and Devoin went to prison shortly after.

Now, things are about to change for Briana and her family as baby daddy number one Devoin is a finally free man. Considering that he’s been in prison since before their daughter was born, everyone is wondering whether he’ll have any contact with Briana or their daughter Nova Star. An even bigger question is whether Briana let him have contact with thier child after all this time?

A lot has changed since Devoin was first put away, and Briana might just not be ready for him to be back in her life!

devoin austin and briana dejesus

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