Babs Bans Jenelle From Seeing Jace After Drugged Pregnancy Scandal

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Blocked Out!

Even though Jenelle’s life has seriously improved from recent years, it looks like her past of drug use may be coming back to bite her. She’s in the midst of wedding planning and raising three little ones, but now it looks like her drama-filled and dangerous days of drug use aren’t entirely behind her. Recently, she’s been hit with a number of serious accusations related to her drug use, that (if true) would have ramifications not only on her, but also on her children. In fact, Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, has accused Jenelle of smoking marijuana while she was pregnant with Ensley.

If these rumors are true, it might mean some serious changes in Jenelle’s life, both socially and legally. It could also have major ramifications on whether she retains custody of her children. Now, it looks like these repercussions may already be beginning, considering that Barbara may be preventing Jenelle from seeing Jace in the wake of these accusations.


Credit: MTV