Amber Portwood Shares Picture in Bed With Her Baby Daddy

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Getting Cozy!

Amber Portwood has always done the unexpected. From becoming pregnant at the age of 16 to being arrested for domestic abuse and drug use, it’s safe to say she’s faced some difficult times in her life. Even so, her life seemed to be on a serious upswing when she got out of jail – that is, until she started dating Matt Baier. It goes without saying that fans weren’t very happy about the relationship, and many breathed a sigh of relief when the couple eventually broke up.

Naturally, Amber’s unexpected nature showed its head again when out of seemingly nowhere she announced that she was pregnant again! By now, Amber is a few months along, and she seems thrilled about the news. It’s left fans curious about one thing, though: who’s the father?

Sure, we all know that Amber’s baby daddy is named Andrew Glennon, but since he hasn’t appeared on the show yet, we don’t know very much about who he is as a person. Luckily, Amber is drawing back the curtain to show us how the couple really lives by sharing this shot of them together in bed!

amber and andrew

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images