Amber Portwood Tears Up at the Thought of Losing Matt!

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Is she making a mistake?

Love is probably the hardest emotion that people experience. Being in love can bring you to the highest of highs, but it can also devastate you like nothing else, sending you to your lowest lows. We can work against logic trying to make it work with someone who is terrible for us just because we love them so much. No one knows that feeling better than Amber Portwood. The Teen Mom OG star spent months defending her fiancé Matt Baier only to realize that he wasn’t the one for her after all.

Luckily, Amber has already moved on with a new man and is going to be a mom again soon, while Matt has already found a wife closer to his own age. Yet they’re both left wondering if they made a huge mistake.

In a new episode of the series, Amber got emotional when realizing that her relationship with Matt had definitely come to an end. She wondered if she should do whatever she could to reach out to him just one last time.

amber portwood crying

Credit: MTV