Amber Portwood Lies About Bringing Her New Man Around Leah

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Did she or didn't she?

By now, pretty much everyone in the Teen Mom fanbase knows that Amber has officially moved on from Matt. Day by day we continue to learn more about her new bae, whose name is Andrew Glennon. Fans are relieved that she’s finally called it quits with Matt, and even though Andrew has some red flags, it seems that this couple may have what it takes.

When you’re a mother, it’s important for your children to meet someone you’re becoming serious with. Amber’s 8-year-old daughter, Leah, has to get along with anyone that she’s going to try to make a life with. So you’d think that introducing Leah and Andrew would be at the top of Amber’s list of things to do.

Amber insists that she hasn’t introduced Leah and Andrew, though, as she’s holding off to see where the relationship goes. But this picture tells a completely different story. It’s pretty confusing why Amber would lie about something like this, and the details don’t help to explain her choice.

amber portwood close up 2 (1)

Source: Snapchat @AmberLPortwood