Relationship on the Rocks After Rehab?

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Is this the breaking point for Tyler and Catelynn’s marriage?

As Catelynn Baltierra tries to get her life back on the right track and mind on in the right place, she fears her efforts might push her husband farther away. Only a few days after returning from rehab, she sat down with Tyler on the season finale Teen Mom OG to express her thoughts to go back. But this time, it would be to face her childhood trauma.

Credit: Instagram @catelynnmtv

Catelynn was undoubtedly nervous during her conversation with Tyler, but she managed to find the words to get off her chest. After achieving sobriety, she visited some other troubling issues that were aimed to the point of her pain. Catelynn’s childhood was filled with heartaches, with her alcoholic mother and father who walked out. In order to finally put her past behind her and be at peace, she wishes to return to rehab.

Tyler wants the best for Catelynn, but his response to her request was somewhat surprising. He was a bit annoyed and focused on the effect this decision would have on his child. Tyler has also been open about his battle with depression. He believe post treatment will have a more lasting effect on Catelynn than going back to rehab.

Credit: Instagram @catelynnmtv

There are many uncertainties in what lies ahead for these two and their rocky relationship. We only wish Catelynn and Tyler the best. Both yearn to get back to a happy place together. The challenges that comes along with parenthood and life in general are undeniably difficult, let alone publized to millions. These two have overcome many obstacles, but only time will tell if they can make it through this hurdle.