Jenelle Reveals Why Babs Isn’t Invited to Her Wedding

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Not invited!

For fans who have been following Jenelle Evans’ story for a while, it’s no surprise that she and her mother Barbara have a strained relationship. Ever since Jenelle was a teenager, she and her mother haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye, and the tension on their relationship while they battled for custody of Jace certainly didn’t help.

Fans will also know that Jenelle has a very big day coming up: Her wedding to fiance David Eason. Even though many people would put differences aside and invite all of their family to their special day, so far, Jenelle still hasn’t invited Barbara to her wedding.

It shouldn’t be hard to guess why Jenelle chose to leave Babs off of her wedding list, but for those who need the full story, you’re in luck… Jenelle has opened up about why she isn’t inviting her mother.

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Credit: MTV