Watch Farrah’s Lady Part Rejuvenation Video

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She shared the nitty-gritty!

Farrah Abraham has always been well known for saying what’s on her mind. Then, she starred in her first adult video in 2012 and there was really no turning back. From then on, Farrah put it all on the table! From her other adult ventures (like the adult toy modeled after her own anatomy) to her cosmetic procedures, she’s never held anything back. And now, she’s going even further than ever before.

If you’ve been following Farrah, you know she’s had not one but two rejuvenation procedures on her lady parts. Well, if you thought that was TMI, the fact that Farrah filmed the whole process is even more! Check out the full video of the procedure!

farrah on red carpet with butt showing

Credit: Jayo/Backgrid