Was Amber Portwood’s Pregnancy Planned or an Accident?

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Was it really an "oops" pregnancy?

Amber Portwood announcing her second pregnancy was one of the most unexpected announcements a Teen Mom cast member has given in a while. After she had Leah eight years ago, it seemed that Amber had her hands full just trying to visit her daughter often enough while she stayed with Gary full-time.

She never spent much time talking about wanting to have more children. Even while she was in a committed relationship and engaged to Matt Baier, the two didn’t really discuss the idea of having babies. That’s why when rumors started to surface that Amber’s new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, had gotten her pregnant, fans simply couldn’t believe it.

Eventually, everyone had to though! Amber soon confirmed that she was pregnant with her second child, much to everyone’s surprise. This complete 360 seems to pose more questions than it answers, though.

Amber says that her pregnancy was completely unexpected, but as more time passes, some fans have different theories. Could Amber and Andrew planned to get pregnant on purpose after Amber left Matt?

andrew glennon and amber portwood

Credit: MTV