How Much Do You Know About ‘Teen Mom’ Star Host Nessa?

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We love Teen Mom, and we can’t get enough of learning all the details of the young mothers’ lives.  It’s true… People obsess over everything from their love lives to their pasts to their dreams and aspirations beyond the show.

But what about the people that bring them all together? People like rising star Nessa Diab! (How many people knew that was her last name?) Diab is the after show host of the popular ‘Teen Mom’ series that gets all the behind the scenes reactions and even convinces the young mothers to get more personal with their fans as she candidly interviews them from her couch set.

While we may not have thought much about it before now? We’re dying to know more about the strikingly beautiful host who helps to bring these fan favorite young mothers and their stories to life after each episode. Perhaps it’s her ability to level with the young stars on a more personal level and engage them in the “girl talk”  she’s infamous for providing us all on ‘Girl Code.’

Get out these well-kept secrets about Nessa!


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