Tyler’s Dad Comes Clean About His Continued Drug Use

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Oh no! Say it isn’t so. We know Tyler is probably really torn up about this news!

It seems that Tyler’s troubled dad, Butch, cannot seem to walk the straight and narrow, causing Tyler and wife Catelynn lots of stress; Not to mention traumatic flashbacks from their childhood.

The teen dad and hubby to Catelynn Lowell has long suffered with the lingering effects that his father’s addiction has had on him. The lack of stability in their home lives as teenagers is something that Tyler and Catelynn both share and was notably the biggest source of trouble the couple faced early on in their journey as first time parents. Their experience, which was first chronicled by MTV’s hit show Sixteen and Pregnant showed the young couple’s tough decision to give up their first born daughter, Carly, to adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa. Having come to the conclusion that they were not prepared for the pressures of parenting, the young couple made a selfless decision to allow their first born daughter to have a chance at the balanced home life neither of them had ever known.

The teen couple have managed to escape much of the troubled fate that their parents suffered, working tirelessly to provide a stable environment for their second born daughter, Nova. Lowell and Batierra even tied the knot the knot in August of 2015 and have since tried to maintain levels of consistency and sanctity within their marriage and home life.

But it seems that no matter how hard these two try their past always seems to catch up to them in the form of looming reminder named Butch. The absentee parent of Baltierra just can’t seem to place his feet on solid ground and continues to bounce in and out of the couple’s home, halfway houses- and even prison.

And much to our cringing dismay, it seems that once again his craving for drugs seems to be the reason for his latest fall from grace.

Credit: Michigan Department of Corrections

Will Tyler be able to handle another setback in their father-son relationship?