Tyler Baltierra “Open” to Attending Rehab for Suicidal Thoughts After Twitter Meltdown

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He's getting help!

Between all of the Teen Mom cast members, there’s a huge amount of difficult experiences, heartbreak, and trauma. It’s no surprise that years after their teenage pregnancies, many of the cast members are turning to professional help to improve their mental health, their physical health, and even their marriages.

We recently saw Catelynn Lowell take her mental health into her own hands after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage of her third pregnancy. She revealed that due to having suicidal thoughts, it was important to her to go away to a facility to get back on her feet. During that time, she relied on her husband, Tyler Baltierra, to take care of their daughter Nova while she healed. Now, are the roles about to reverse?

Tyler has shared that the miscarriage affected him severely as well, and fans have begun to worry that he didn’t have time to heal. Lately, his behavior has gotten fans even more worried about his mental health. Now, is Tyler about to go to a treatment center after experiencing the same suicidal thoughts his wife just recovered from?

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Credit: MTV